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Balance me

Hello from Fit Harrogate! Summer is finally (kind of) here and it's time for some well earned rest from the day to day, week to week mundanity of work and the school run. Just before the holidays we had our "Summer Body Blast" fitness event at the Academy Health Club and Spa. We loved working out with you and we have another event planned for the end of September with a bit of luck! At the July event we covered tips on eating well and training on holiday should you want to. The last thing we wanted to do was make you feel bad about not training or eating all the ice cream - here at Fit Harrogate we believe in...

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What is a "beach body"?

It's been a busy few weeks here at Fit Harrogate with our Birthday celebrations and pop up events with our gym and fitness wear. We are planning our next #fitupnorth event and it's lovely to see you returning to join us, we have some new faces too! "Summer Body Blast" is aimed at helping you feel your very best on that beach and by the pool. The premise is one that I battle with. In the words of Shaun Hallett "My idea of a bikini body is, you get your body and you put a bikini on it" It should be that easy, it's simple isn't it?  No, no it's not - if only there was no sense of dread,...

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Go Compare

Fit Harrogate is a place I want people to come and leave feeling bloody fab. I genuinely believe in the power of a great outfit. You know the kind, the one that makes you stand that bit taller, the one you feel like a goddess in. I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing you'll walk in the gym feeling your best and ready to smash your workout. Growing up I competed in a lot of dance competitions. Some of our costumes were horrendous; bless our dance teacher but we never won anything in those outfits. One look at the competition in their expensive, spangly, professionally finished 'troupe' costumes and we'd lost before we even danced. what separated us was not our...

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