Fit Harrogate: Music Motivation

Harrogate Park Run? Taking in the sights of the Valley Gardens and Pump Room museum with a quick 5k or setting yourself a circuit on the Stray? We see you out in Harrogate getting fitter and stronger every day. It's very inspiring and makes us proud to live in such an active town where pretty much everyone we know is working towards a goal and trying to be the best version of themselves. 

Music has always been a massive influence on our motivation during any kind of exercise, it can get you up that last hill or through that last rep. Ella and I have compiled a little spring playlist of songs that get us going, let us know what you think! Maybe you'll use a couple of them when you're next out running or working out at home. Turn them up loud and see how you do..... 

 1. Prince - Let's go crazy 

2. Sean Paul - Temperature 

3. Jill Scott - Coming to you

4. Disclosure - When a fire starts to burn 

5. Missy Elliot - Lose Control 

6. Foo Fighters - Pretender 

7. Michael Jackson - Beat it

8. Beyoncé - End Of time

9. Tiesto - The right song

10. Chaka Khan - I feel for you 

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