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Fit Harrogate is a place I want people to come and leave feeling bloody fab. I genuinely believe in the power of a great outfit. You know the kind, the one that makes you stand that bit taller, the one you feel like a goddess in. I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing you'll walk in the gym feeling your best and ready to smash your workout.

Growing up I competed in a lot of dance competitions. Some of our costumes were horrendous; bless our dance teacher but we never won anything in those outfits. One look at the competition in their expensive, spangly, professionally finished 'troupe' costumes and we'd lost before we even danced. what separated us was not our dance routines or technical ability. It was confidence and self belief, they had the appropriate armour.

This feeling of self doubt has shown itself again recently. I've found myself comparing my tummy to lithe 25 year olds who haven't yet had children. Comparing myself to women with a completely different bone structure to mine - why am I comparing myself? Why do I find the demons of my youthful insecurity coming back, where I compared my body to everyone else's - life in a leotard will do that to you. Where I found out Kate Moss had a 23" waist and made it my impossible mission to achieve the same. It makes me sad. 

I catch myself saying and doing to myself the things that I would tell you off for. Because I see your lovely curves and toned arms but you don't. I see that you have a great body that women half your age would be envious of but you don't. 

You are my customers, my friends; you are the lady who hides under baggy clothes. I'm talking to you and I'm talking to me. STOP COMPARING!

It concerns me because as a mother of girls (who are now noticing collar bones on cartoon girls! What's that all about?) I have a responsibility to keep them feeling positive about their bodies and how amazing they are no matter what shape or dress size they end up being. 

So today I tell myself, you have given birth to two beautiful girls and your amazing body did that, wether you have six-pack or not. I pledge to myself that I will delete anything from my social media feed that makes me criticise my body or feel bad about what I eat. 

And I say to you - You are great; you are capable; you are strong. Go have a donut and don't bat an eyelid about it.




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