First Post

After a few weeks of finding our feet we started our new in store classes just this Monday - "HIIT with Fit" on Monday and Yoga with Georgina on Tuesday and Thursday. It was a great feeling to be at the start of something; to see people getting involved, moving and breathing together. To have women supporting each other and welcoming each other in - it signalled the start of our community.

The first time we went to see what was to be our shop - when it was little more than a pipe dream - it felt "right". It has a calm and happy vibe without even trying. Being on Cold Bath Road helps, the whole street is full of beautiful homes and shops -  it's a community in itself.

The shop floor is great; a ready-made space with beautiful arched windows and lots of natural light. I don't know what the passers by thought to our downward dogs but I hope it intrigued or inspired them!

I hope that we'll grow and more people will want to join our community. This is just the start...

Fit Harrogate

Look. Feel. Be.


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