Catching up

I name this day "Slodgy Sunday" I know it's not a real word but I like it and I'm using it a lot. I think it should be a real word.....

So while I sit sipping tea on this windy, rainy night we'd like to update you on all the little things we've been up to. Some bigger than others but in our bid to be part of our community and make ourselves a positive addition to Cold Bath Road we've made a few steps in the right direction. 

As well as being commercial partners of This Girl Can we are proud to now be a Living Wage Employer. We think it's important to pay our staff a fair wage for the work they do and all employers should do the same, big or small.

We have donated a defibrillator to Cold Bath Road which sits outside our shop. These vital pieces of equipment can really be the difference between life and death and we are really pleased to have made it available at this end of town. 

The 27th of September marked Lorna Jane's Active Nation Day and we took it upon ourselves to put on an event for St Michaels Hospice with Go Yoga (more on this in my next post). It was a great day and we hope to repeat the event in January - indoors of course! - so watch this space.

Finally, on the 23rd of November, following our successful collaboration with Go Yoga, our studio 'Go Yoga Central' will open downstairs. Classes will be available throughout the week and include yoga, barefoot hiit, pilates and private sessions. You can view the timetable on The Go Yoga website below. We're really excited about this partnership and we hope you enjoy the classes we've got for you!



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