It's all for Charideeee

I've always loved the way that bringing a group of people together and getting everyone moving in the same direction creates such a positive energy. There's something so lovely about getting to the end of a great class and feeling good about yourself, as a teacher or a participant. As a teacher seeing people have fun, push themselves a little harder, walk out of a studio a little taller, thats real job satisfaction. 

When we saw our Australian brand Lorna Jane was holding it's 'Active Nation Day' we just couldn't miss the opportunity to put on a few classes, make people smile, and celebrate our amazing public spaces. We decided to donate all the profits to St Michaels Hospice, a charity close to all our hearts.

The ethos of Lorna Jane is; move daily, nourish from within and believe anything is possible. I like it. The aim of Active Nation Day is to make women take a day to devote to their wellbeing and reset the promise to themselves to do all the above. They're petitioning to make it an official day which I think is really positive.

After meeting with Sophie from Go Yoga we just felt so excited at the prospect of collaboration, we only had a few weeks to organise it but it was do-able. We called ourselves "GoFit" and quickly got the message out on social media and got a great space in The Valley Gardens, filling out paper work and trying to cover all bases. The lovely Rachel from Prologue Performance Cycling provided us with some yummy but healthy refuel food (and boy did we need it!).

The day itself was amazing. We arrived at 7am to set up and it was very foggy and dewy, luckily we'd had a few good, dry days so the ground wasn't too bad for jumping around on. By the time people started to arrive we could just see the sun trying it's best to break through the cloud. We started with Sophie's get up and go yoga, took our first deep breath, reached up to the sky and as if we'd summoned it on stage, the sun appeared, so strong and wonderful! It was supernatural, energising and so uplifting, a real magic moment. We couldn't believe our luck but we'd felt really positive leading up to it that we'd get a lovely autumnal day. As it turned out we were all a bit pink by the end of our classes, you wouldn't expect to need sun cream at the end of September!

All our classes went down a storm, we had a really nice balance of yoga, dance and strength work. Everyone was so positive about the experience and left with huge smiles on their faces and asking when we could do it again. We felt elated and immensely proud of what we'd achieved. It took a few days to sink in and I kept reflecting on the photographs which had really captured what a great morning we had. 

We continued with our fundraising for St Michaels throughout October with a raffle and a sponsored sky dive. I can't pretend I was brave enough to participate in that but all told, we raised almost £4,000. I think that deserves a high five!




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