Lorna Jane arrivals!

Life without colour, stop and think about that for a minute.... I know it's easy and feels 'safe' to veer towards black and blend in but have you thought about how much colour - the simplest vibrant flower or bright blue sky - can effect your mood and therefore, your day? Who doesn't feel amazing when you walk through a park and the sun is shining through copper trees and a rainbow of leaves? It always makes me take a deep breath and think how lucky we are, I know it sounds naff but I think we take a lot for granted and in  these busy times, don't take enough time to really stop and appreciate the simple things.

I personally love colour, I'm drawn to it, maybe it's the summer baby in me but I feel so much better when I have a bright pair of leggings on or a bold pattern. I wore black to the gym the other day and I felt strange, not myself. To be honest I wasn't having the most positive day so maybe that effected my choice of gym wear, I literally wore my mood. Do you have those days where you just feel like wearing something and you're not sure why? Take a moment to think about how you're feeling.

Lorna Jane is like an Australian summer has been brought to the UK, sorry the weather didn't come along in the boxes but hey, you can't have everything! The colours and fabrics are amazing though - pink, orange, blue, purple - you name it, there's a colour for everyone. Of course, if you want a trusty pair of black capri pants we have those too or maybe try the new grey, Canyon which looks really slick.

I have to say, I'm really pleased with the quality and variety Lorna Jane has to offer. Come in and have a feel for yourself, if we can't have the weather at least we can have the clothes..... see you in store! 


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