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When Shaun Hallett said he wanted to talk to us about a project and could we meet at Farm Bistro for a coffee (for coffee, read lots of stuff on sourdough toast and peanut butter) we agreed because, 1. we love Farm Bistro and, 2. because Shaun is just an all-round great guy.

What he proposed was a charity challenge, one that hasn't been done before and would take some serious physical exertion. Shaun and Ollie at Prospect 1 Fitness are planning to do a 24-hour "Million Kilo Challenge" on the 12th - 13th of March 2016 which will probably be as hell-ish as it sounds!

It's all to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research, so you can forgive their lunacy. It is as it sounds: in one 24 hour period, 12 (ish) volunteers of mixed ability but equal commitment will aim to lift a total of one million kilos (that's right - 1,000,000kg) across a series of sets and reps including deadlift (ouch) squat (ouch-ier) and bench press (eek).

I, on the other hand, will be providing cups of tea and moral support and definitely NOT doing any of the weight-lifting stuff; I'll leave that to the big boys (and girls). 

Well, of course Jon was up for it. The "stubborn" in him just can't turn down a challenge like this and, with his playing days behind him, he is always on the look-out for something new to learn or work towards. Since he's built a mountain bike and learnt to ride a motorbike in the last two years this undertaking at least won't involve anything with wheels that he could fall off (being one of the clumsiest people I've ever met) or involving large sums of money disappearing from his bank account and the doorbell going with deliveries of bike parts at all hours of the day.... So naturally I'm more than happy for him to be a part of it!

In fact I'm very proud. Proud of all of those taking part in this day of pure physicality and all the training that will go along with it. The efforts made by all the participants will hopefully mean a hefty chunk of money being raised for a charity that is at the cutting edge of research into what I'm sure has unfortunately touched all of us at some point.  

If you'd like to know more, or even better to donate, please click on the links below! 

Prospect Fitness:




Jon's Just Giving Page:


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