It's coming....

The onslaught. I can feel it creeping, ready to pounce and the New Year bells haven't even begun to chime.

'Such and such looking amazing in a bikini at 50!'

'How I got my body back after baby number two!'

'Fast abs!'


Cue an eye roll or five as the January influx of celebrity DVD workouts are slowly drip fed into our conscience. Hitting us at peak after eight and just after you've opened the umpteenth bottle of prosecco just because it's there. 

 I ate too much at Christmas. I don't feel great I'll be honest. I feel guilty, I feel bloated and I feel - wait for it I'm inventing words again - Flobby. I enjoyed eating all the food at the time though, it's inate isn't it. I'm like my dog, I'll just keep eating like I don't know when I'll have another meal, except it's probably going to be in about half an hour. 

My saving grace (as someone who has had a bad relationship with food in my younger years) is that I have continued to exercise regularly. I've kept myself hydrated and in a futile attempt to keep my system sort of clean I've maintained my regular habits of lemon water, aloe vera, amino acids and plenty of green vegetables (to go with all the cheese). So I'm not beating myself up too much. 

Do you feel like me, ready for January? Are you waiting for the day after New Years day to start over? It's inevitable, it feels right to start the New Year as you really intend to go on and that's great, it's optimistic and positive. We all know it's perfectly acceptable to start training on a Wednesday or eating a more nutritious diet on a Thursday evening but for some reason Mondays and a New Year always have that 'fresh start' feeling. 

Now before I go on, any start is a good start and if it works for you then honestly - go with it. Finding something we enjoy and that fits with our lifestyle is half the battle when it comes to longevity. 

So, will you buy a workout DVD? Will it help you? Will this DVD of this person who's had a team of people supporting them in a consistent and generally long term exercise and nutrition plan that is all aimed at spinning a ridiculous amount of profit for said celebrity be the thing that gets you moving CONSISTENTLY in 2016. If so then great. If they practice what they preach, even better. The cynic in me says that once the money is made and we've all been wowed by the before and after pictures, celebrities X,Y and Z are pictured looking less than the perfect image we were sold only to lose all the weight (again) and sell us another DVD the following year. Not all of them albeit, Davina McCall I make an exception for, mainly because she seems nice, I liked her on Street Mate and of course she actually looks healthy year on year. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is, before you do/buy anything think about what you're investing in. Are you open minded or being sucked into a vortex of empty promises and a February of watching the DVD sit on the shelf. There is no quick fix. The best version of you will not be built in days or weeks and I have a problem with anything that tells us anything different. It gives us unrealistic goals and leads to disappointment and ultimately feelings of failure which doesn't help anyone. Be kind to yourself, give it time and use this fresh start as exactly that - a start.

Happy New Year X 






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