Fit Up North: Our Movement

This is what we wanted to be. At the heart of everything we do at Fit Harrogate is the desire to become not just the place you get your training kit and snazzy leggings but a hub for the fitness community within our lovely town.

We want to add to and compliment what already exists and give you the opportunity to try new things and experience different ways of training. You all know (and love) a fantastic instructor or PT and hopefully we'll collaborate with them too. Since our 'Go-Fit' event with Go Yoga last September I know a few of you have added Yoga to your weekly training, how great is that?! 

We aim to inspire, encourage and motivate you to be strong, confident and love the body yo' momma gave you - it sounds naff but body image is a massive issue for so many people, everywhere you look there's something to make you question your reflection. NO MORE!!!! Let's burst that bubble.

Fit Up North, our first studio event at Pure Gym Harrogate, is based around giving you either an introduction to at least one thing you might not be incorporating into your training yet and/or giving you some fresh ideas to take away. Otherwise, it's a great excuse to have a get together, eat some nice food, listen to a really inspiring story from Cumbrian Bikini Champion Becca Smith and ask some questions that could help you reach your goals. The goody bags are great too! 

The training section of the event will be split into three elements that compliment each other perfectly:

Upper body weight resistance and tempo training you can do at home

Glute activations, resistance band lower body HIIT

Deep stretch Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This is just the start too, we will put on more events - it's empowering and exciting to be able to work with a range of different instructors and educators and in different environments so that we can bring you something new every time. If you have an idea, want to be involved or there's something you want to see happening, let us know!

Our last outdoor event with Go Yoga will be repeated in September and we'll be looking to make it bigger and better. Many of you who came to that have booked on to this and that's so lovely to see. 

If you haven't already got your space, what are you waiting for?!

See you there xx



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