Balance me

Hello from Fit Harrogate! Summer is finally (kind of) here and it's time for some well earned rest from the day to day, week to week mundanity of work and the school run. Just before the holidays we had our "Summer Body Blast" fitness event at the Academy Health Club and Spa. We loved working out with you and we have another event planned for the end of September with a bit of luck! At the July event we covered tips on eating well and training on holiday should you want to. The last thing we wanted to do was make you feel bad about not training or eating all the ice cream - here at Fit Harrogate we believe in balance and listening to your body.
So, this time on our little family break, for the first time in a long time, I didn't take my trainers on holiday. This was pretty daunting as I love to eat and keeping moving is my way of balancing out the indulgences. But my body (and mind) needed a break, I've been doing a lot of high impact sessions and it was time to be kinder to my weary muscles and joints. So, what did I do? A bit of yoga, I threw my kids around in the pool and I even joined in "aquaaaaaa zumbaaaaaa" which Jon found hilarious. I read a whole book (something I never get to do) I ate well - The hotel was all inclusive so there was a great choice of eggs for breakfast, fish, chicken, salad and vegetables for lunch/dinner and ice cream for dessert. They also did these amazing meringue things with coconut - the actual dream! It was like the middle of a snowball (insert love heart eyes emoji) I drank plenty of water but I also enjoyed a few glasses of Cava. Most importantly, I relaxed about it all. I had a balance. I didn't over eat but I enjoyed everything in moderation and I didn't allow myself to feel bad about not doing a single HIIT session. It's so easy to put pressure on ourselves to keep pounding away but it's important to know when to pause. I needed a little help from a few good friends who encouraged me to do this, I hope this post encourages you to do the same when you need it.
Happy, healthy Summer.

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