Fit Harrogate: Easter Activities

As parents, we know how hard it is to keep the kids entertained all through the school holidays. We don't want the kids to spend too much time on computers but we still need to do our chores, some of us are still at work and many of us have a few days off that we want to make count. We want to have nice days out or do something different with our children to give them positive experiences.
Spending some good quality time together is a must for all families, it builds strong bonds and positive memories in a world where we have constant distractions. It's so easy to get distracted by our phones and even easier to let children play on a tablet that little bit longer, just to have a cup of tea in peace. We get it!
When Georgina suggested trying out some family sessions, we thought it was a perfect idea. Family yoga is an ideal activity for the Easter holidays and we've got some lovely classes lined up in our Fit Harrogate Studio. It's suitable for everyone, boys and girls enjoy the challenge, it's fun and we all get some exercise! So many boxes ticked in just one hour.
There will be a play element to the class to challenge you physically and mentally. The morning sessions are great because you can then go off, have some lunch and (fingers crossed the weather is good) tootle along to the Valley Gardens for the afternoon. You'll leave Georgina's class feeling wonderful, positive and calm and that'll last at least until the first holiday meltdown! We're even throwing in some herbal tea, juice and power balls as refreshments. Spaces are limited but you can bring more than one child so booking early is recommended.

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