What is a "beach body"?

It's been a busy few weeks here at Fit Harrogate with our Birthday celebrations and pop up events with our gym and fitness wear. We are planning our next #fitupnorth event and it's lovely to see you returning to join us, we have some new faces too!
"Summer Body Blast" is aimed at helping you feel your very best on that beach and by the pool. The premise is one that I battle with. In the words of Shaun Hallett "My idea of a bikini body is, you get your body and you put a bikini on it" It should be that easy, it's simple isn't it? 
No, no it's not - if only there was no sense of dread, the pinching of our roll(s) in the mirror and the scrutinising of every inch of flesh. I was watching a Brazilian super model prancing about in her bikini without a care in the world the other day (not in real life, just a video sadly) and I just thought, with a long sigh "I am never going to look that good, why am I not a Brazilian, buff, bronzed goddess?" it's so depressing (If I could, I'd insert the forlorn emoji here). 
Do you know what though, I had a word with myself and said, you've got your body and it works just great. Yes, it creaks and aches at times but you're stronger than you've ever been and you're healthy. Wind your neck in Lyndsay.
So here's the intention and the plan, we make the best of what we have. Your "beach body" is the version of it that you feel most comfortable with. I'm sure you're already thinking of the beach with excitement and anxiety in equal measure. If you're not anxious about stripping down to what is essentially, underwear, then good on you! You're already on with your regime, you're eating well and making progress. Our event is aimed at giving you that last little push right before the holidays, to spur you on and encourage you to keep at it. It's also about having time for yourself and maybe sneaking in a spa treatment (winking emoji).
We don't want to spoil your fun but if you're up for it, we'll give you some short workout ideas you can do anywhere and some tips on how to stay on track as much or little as you want to. It's a holiday, it's for rest and recuperation, the fun police aren't going to get you if you do have a cocktail or ten. 
We really are looking forward to getting our sweat on with you, see you soon! 

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