Fit Harrogate: About us

Who are we?
We are FIT Harrogate, Lyndsay Wells and team. We are an independent retailer of some of the best names in fitness clothing, athleisure, gym and sportswear. Our shop has been up and running for almost three years on Cold Bath Road in Harrogate and we are proud of what we have acheived and the community we have. We are growing all the time, so join us. Be FIT.
We don't just sell the kit, we are instructors, we love training and we want to help you love it too. We run fitness events and small classes from our newly decorated boutique FIT Studio, see "Our Classes" to find out more and book your space. All our instructors are highly qualified and have a real passion and dedication to their chosen discipline. That's why we love them and you will too. 
So, where are all the clothes? 
You'l find all our styles in our physical store. We set out to provide a customer service experience in a boutique environment which is why you won't find all our stock online. We want to meet you, we think it's important to feel fabrics and see colours. We didn't want to be another online shop.
This is what makes us unique and gives us the beautiful community of like minded people that we have. We have heaps more in store but it's always limited and ever changing to give you more exclusivity on your high quality gym wear. 
But I want to buy online
We appreciate this is the way a lot of people shop but trust us, this is a much nicer experience. If you still want a "click - buy" experience we can help you with that.... We will regularly curate a small capsule of our "FIT PICKS" which will feature new arrivals and be available for you to buy through our website for a short time only.... If you want to see more come see us, we don't bite! 
If you've seen something on our social, drop us an email or call - We are happy to take phone orders and mail out to you.